Bay Point California 12/13/2016 Single Whip posture with weapons 

Batons are really not made to repulse an overhead blow. I view them as more of a tool than a weapon. In the Single Whip pose even if the baton in the right hand is actually successful at countering a low blow directed at the right knee, it is not clear that there are targets available. I find it hard to imagine doing much damage to an enemy knee. Certainly not to the thigh. Could you land a prod or poke to the groin or lower abdomen? This is taking advantage of the major (and perhaps only) tactical advantage batons provide - extended reach. The question would be can the blow be delievered with damaging force. Recall that the location of the enemy's left hand is not known (right hand was delivering a high strike which we attempted to deflect with our raised left hand and baton)
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