Training tools
Besides the specific objects for Iron Palm training there is a general tactical interest in having a strong grip.
To that end, some or all of the following may be used:
1. Arm rings - these are usually a torus (donut-shaped) that is made of brass and sold in pairs. The rings vary in weight and size - small rings  weigh 0.9 pounds and have a 3 inch inside diameter; medium rings weigh 1.15 pounds and have a 3.25 inch inside diameter; large rings weigh 1.35 pounds and have an inside diameter of 3.5 inches.
2. Dragon Claw rings - also brass and also sold in pairs.  They weigh 2.55 pounds and have a 4.5 inch inside diameter. They are lifted by opening the whole hand as far as possible and then squeezing the ring with all five fingers. Then the ring is lifted about 12 inches off the surface and moved in a circle clockwise and then in another full circle counterclockwise before being returned to the surface. 
3. The Judge's Paperweight is a brass cylinder about 1.5 inches in diameter and six inches long. It is lifted along the two axes with one hand at a time doing a pair of lifts.
4. The Chi Na Stones - training with these conical-shaped objects starts with a white colored stone that stands about 10 inches tall and weighs 9 pounds. The green stone stands about 12 inches tall and weighs 13 pounds. The black stone stands about 14 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds.
5. We also teach Tai Chi Ball - instead of using solid stone or solid wood balls (the latter are available from Kuenway in Vancouver) we teach with ordinary playground balls because they are much cheaper and much safer. 
6. We teach tai chi ruler (the three shorter straight pieces in the photo), tai chi bang (the three longer pieces) and bent bang (the v-shaped piece). We personally prefer a three piece tai chi stick (zhang) which screws apart and together for the stick Qigong routines. We also teach chidu (long bang), Chinese wand, Wing Chung rings and Bao Ding balls.

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