Weapons - Forks  (cha) - continued
The flying fork - also described as a blunt-end fork. On all three versions the noise-maker is unpopular
at WLE.com (topmost image below) as product W067; $80; 63 inches; 3 pounds.   
It is missing on the new WLE website. I am ordering from Kung Fu Direct 12/1/2018
at KungFuDirect.com (middle image below) as product TLW012; $70; 75 inches; 4.3 pounds; note the bottom tip. 
I journeyed to Kung Fu Direct's new warehouse in San Jose and hauled back three forks including this one.
The noise-maker can be muted by tying the tassel cord near it. Kung Fu Direct does NOT have a bag suitable for 
carrying this or any other similar fork. I improvised with two bags but I am sure it looked very odd to drivers and
fellow passengers and bemused onlookers as I traveled on Valley Transit Authority (VTA) trolleys and buses as well as
on BART, the San Francisco Bay area's light rail system. 

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