Weapons - Javelin 标枪
As nearly as I can tell, no contemporary Chinese martial art preserves javelin throwing among its tactics. Among the military encyclopedias published during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) was  Huangchao Liqi Tushi  (皇朝禮器圖式) or "Illustrated Regulations on the Ceremonial Paraphernalia of the Dynasty" published in 1766.
javelin point
The encyclopedia calls for forged iron; ~5.5 inch blade; overall length (including the handle) of ~46.8 inches;
a sharp point and two edges leading to barbs; diameter of ~1.25 inches. In contrast, a spear would not have 
barbs (as one would wish to easily extract it for fighting the next enemy), would not have the balance weight;
and would likely have a larger head. Among others, Qi Jiguang ( 戚繼光) [probably 1528 - 1588] during the
Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) mentioned javelins in his military treatises.

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