Weapons - Kama 
Other names: 
kai, rice sickle. Note that the weapon created by attaching a chain to the end of the kama's handle is
called kusarigama. Long-handled sickles, typically with larger blades and used for harvesting wheat and oats, are usually
described as war scythes. Our experience is that such scythes are comparatively slow, tiring to wield, tactically limited
(there's only the one more or less horizontal cut) BUT cheap and effective in a group if accompanied by pikes.
Versions taught: none yet. Note: we do NOT teach the Japanese Kanigawa and Tozan kata. This is NOT a canonical
weapon. Recommendations: can be among the first edged weapons learned. Cost: varies quite a bit with the material:
$12 to $18. We are not fans of the versions with perforated blades. The modern angled blade (called a natagama) is a fine
 alternative - it is likely structurally superior.

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