Weapons - Long staff (lau gar)  劉家棍
Versions taught: Hung Gar (Grandmaster Wing Lam). I believe this set was brought to Hung Gar from Mantis. 
Recommendations: learn eyebrow height staff first. Cost: the 108" W005-T waxwood staff from Wing Lam Enterprises was $66 but was out of stock a long time. It is now back in stock (April 2017) but costs $110. As far as I can tell, the 86" W 3117 ($36) is which was out of stock is now no longer listed. The Wing Tsun Traditional Long Pole (MW5 - 102") is made of teak and costs $90 but is out of stock as of April 2017. The old MW-6 is gone - there were some warped ones, but they are out of stock as of April 2017.  W0263-R (red oak, single taper, 98") is $70. The W0263-W is 98" white oak and $76. All these are expensive to ship. Not the easiest weapon to film or photograph.
A short video of me doing some staff moves with a long staff  (W005-T) https://youtu.be/YTIio7Ta6go

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