Weapons - Comparing the Long Sword and the Miao Dao Saber
Regular sword versus long sword on the left; on the right, Miao Dao saber (top) and long sword (bottom). After a long
two-day seminar in Oakland in October 2013 on Practical Method Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua was tempted into doing a little long sword with the blade at the bottom right (in my left hand in the rightmost photo). I currently do not know if there is a recommendation for a measurement (like student height or student arm length) to advise a proper length for either MiaoDao or Long Sword. 

For some experiments with using Zhan Ma Dao, Goose Wing saber and Ghost Head saber blades on long handles as alternatives to the Green Dragon Kwan blade and for some examples of a
Zhan Ma Dao Miao Dao (!)
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