Weapons - Melon Hammers  雙瓜錘
other names: standing melon or lying melon.
Versions taught: Mi-Tzu Style Shaolin Double Hammers (Grandmaster Zhang Yi Ming). Another rare weapon with many variations: besides these medium-length twin hammers (which can also have cubic or octahedral heads), there is a long-handled single hammer, smaller, and lighter, shorter twin hammers connected with a chain. The hammer with handle was first seen and became the widely used weapon during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods. In the Shaolin tradition the heads used to be filled with water or sand for training purposes. There is an advanced form in Seven Star Mantis called Qi Xing Xuang Chui. We are told in Mantis the melon heads can be partially filled with a kerosene mix which is lit on fire.
Recommendations: can be learned at any time but takes strong shoulders. Cost: $80 a pair.
Quite by chance, if chance one calls it, I encountered hammers without handles and a video for a set.

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