Weapons - Monk's staff (cudgel)   和尚的棍術
Versions taught: Shaolin (Grandmaster Wing Lam). I have seen this weapon with a crescent blade attached much like the monk's spade. Hard to see much offensive potential as configured here. Cost: varies from $85 to $120.
 The sound of the staff's rings is used to urge insects and small In theory, the sound of the rings might scare away dangerous 
 sentient beings like frogs to move from the carrier's path and animals. The faithful might be alerted that there is a monk
avoid being accidentally stepped on. within earshot in need of alms or able to provide services.
Four rings represent the Four Noble Truths A four ring monk's staff is carried by novice monks.
Six rings represent the Six Perfections A six ring staff is carried by a Bodhisattva
Twelve rings represent the Twelvefold Chain of Cause and Effect A twelve ring staff is carried by a Buddha
When an abbot strikes the ground three times and then shakes In some sects the staff is a symbol of the Dharma and one of
the staff it is to break ignorance and call out to all beings. the eighteen objects a traveling Buddhist monk must carry
DýzÓng (地藏), the Bodhisattva of travelers and children, has a DýzÓng is associated with Mount Jiuhua in China, and is
staff in his right hand and a wish-fulfilling jewel in his left.  usually known as Jizo in Japan.

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