Weapons - Nunchaku  ヌンチャク
Other names: similar weapons have found a place in Korean martial arts, notably hapkido, as well as Filipino martial arts.  
Versions taught: Shaolin (Shi Debiao)
Recommendations: not one of our favorite weapons, if only because we doubt it does well against most other weapons. A useful prelude to flail. As a working mathematician we have to admit professional admiration for
"Prochux", which are flashier Lissajous-do sticks available for artistic performances. These are more colorful and sometimes fluorescent with a modified anatomy which favors control at the expense of power; they have longer length sticks and extremely short ropes. The idea is based on a mathematical model, the famed Lissajous curve. The idea is the user keeps a continuous flowing form (see www.prochux.com). varies from $20 to $50 or more.

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