Weapons - Sun Moon Spear Sword  日月剑矛
Other names: 
Versions taught: Our own researches to uncover where this weapon came from have not been successful yet. It is certainly a rare weapon. Others have no strong opinions that the weapon came from Xing Yi Chuan, Northern Shaolin, Southern Mantis or Chou Lay Fut.
Note the distinctive hand guard. The crescent shape is not uncommon among Chinese double weapons. We are tempted to make another set with the middle spike symmetric and sharp on both edges. It is asserted that the hand guards can also be used in the trapping of a blocked weapon such as an enemy sword.
Tactically, there's not much interest in entangling an enemy blade when using the Butterfly Wings as the independent action possible with the second Sun Moon Spear Sword is a lot more difficult to achieve with the wings. On the other hand, the Butterfly Wings have some interesting extensions both for offense and defense. 
About $80 for a pair of Sun Moon Spear Swords plus tax and shipping.

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