Weapons - Three-section Staff  三截棍
Other names: triple staff, three-part staff, sansetsukon (Japanese), coiling dragon staff. This may have been originally known as sanjie gun or panlong gun in Chinese. Longer and more complicated than nunchakus, and a close cousin to flail. This weapon was traditionally made of waxwood or white oak or Chinese red maple. New materials such as graphite, aluminum and stainless steel have been introduced. The bars should each be about the length of one's arm from fingertips to shoulder. We strongly suggest wrapping with padding or foam at the start of training. Or stocking up on dit dah jow (bruise liniment).
Versions taught: Shaolin (Grandmaster Wing Lam)
Recommendations: learn nunchaku and staff first. There's a two-person set of three-section staff versus spear. Learning both roles in it is very instructive. Cost: varies from $30 to $60.
A very short video of me inadvertently trimming a Peruvian pepper tree  https://youtu.be/FQOg79QS_YQ

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