Weapons - Trident  and 三叉戟
Other names:  Hunting Tiger Trident
 Note:  (1) a separate set of webpages for forks has been added - it includes the Ox Head Trident
(2) when we finally found blue tassels we changed the color here. The red tassel normally indicates a simple weapon
for beginners. The red tassel was used here instead of white ONLY for visual impact during photography.
In some Hung Gar styles and in some other martial arts the sharpened trident is always designated with a blue tassel
and is racked at the leftmost edge of the most convenient rack. It is used by the teacher when it is felt there is a danger
to the students.
Versions taught: Hung Gar (Grandmaster Wing Lam);
Recommendations: learn spear and staff first. Cost: varies from $70 to $90. More than $200 for combat steel
A Survey on Hunting Tiger Trident (sometimes known as a Tiger Fork) usage might still be available on

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