Classroom amenities - Depending on what facilities arrangements can be made in order to reduce inter-class and intra-class variances we would like to include

/1/ air filtration

/2/ temperature control

/3/ humidity control

/4/ water filtration

/5/ house plants

/6/ weighted blankets

/7/ serving tea

/8/ blues blocking glasses, mouthguards, masks

/9/ snacks of Eight Treasures  - allowing individual snacks will likely be very complicated due to food allergies

/10/ cooling cloths

/11/ making bottles of drinking water available

/12/ oximeters

/13/ backup electrical supply (a quiet generator)

/14/ tables and folding chairs


weighted blanket tea serving blues blocking glasses
Maces padded batons  batons 

Eight treasures oximeter 
Eight treasures  oximeter 
cool wrap cooling neck wrap water bottles  
cooling cloth   water bottles 
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