A Typical Class - We had originally intended to sign students in and out using biometric fingertip reading devices. We are reviewing this idea.

biometric reader

Prior to class as we tally who is present and contact parents or guardians of who is absent (and was not expected to be) students are usually changing shoes, may be changing clothes and are welcome to have a small bowl of Eight Treasures or water (always available) or tea. If we are filming to send a video to China students will likely be changing into semi-formal black cotton clothing. If we have a special guest students may be changing into formal silks. Otherwise, students will wear traditional black pants and a school t-shirt or hoodie and look like flood victims.

A warning gong will sound.



The class lines up and formal bows are performed. Then the students salute the teacher and the teacher returns the salute.

The students start with several minutes of Wu Ji seated meditation and shift to Wu Ji standing meditation for several more minutes. The teacher corects postures.

Traditional Chen Family warm-up exercises

Chen Family style 18 Movements set (unarmed Tai Chi Chuan form) - performed twice

Eight Brocades Qi Gong exercises and grip rings

Tai Chi ruler exercises

Chen Family style Double Batons set

break for tea or water

Chen Family style Lao Jia set ("Old frame" unarmed Tai Chi Chuan form)

Tendon washing Qi Gong exercises and Wing Chun rings

Tai Chi bang exercises

Chen Family style Single Saber set

break for snack (Eight Treasures for most students) plus tea or water

Chen Family style Xin Jia set ("New frame" unarmed Tai Chi Chuan form)

Five Animals Frolic Qi Gong exercises and Bao Ding ball exercises

Tai Chi Ball exercises

Chen Family style Single Sword set  

break for tea or water

Chen Family style eyebrow height staff set

Da Wu Qi Gong exercises

Tai Chi Bar exercises and Chinese wand exercises

Chen Family style spear set

Chen Family Silk reeling exercises

Gong sounds again

The teacher salutes the students. The students salute the teacher.

Formal bows. Any announcements about tomorrow.

Students change shoes and probably clothes

Students are welcome to another snack and drinks

Checkout for transportation. Target: 2.5 hours.

Any special reports to parents or guardians if not already sent.

As the stamina and condition of the students improves the tempo increases slightly. We add three unarmed forms (Cannon Fist, Xin Jia #2 and Small Frame) as well as four more Qi Giong routines, and the Chen Family style Kwan Dao, double swords, double sabers, long pole and fork sets.


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