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Just one Richter 7.0
(disputed - may be a
6.8) or greater event
in central Italy in
the last 500 years.
The two dots to the
top left, the one in
the toe of the boot,
the green dot and
the dot in the lower
right were all 7.9 or
higher, but none in
the last 100 years.
Not much remotely close to Rome - which can be good or bad. The Avezzano earthquake of
1/13/1915 was the latest in a long series of lethal local earthquakes (1693, 1783, 1908 and
1997) - it killed more than 32,600 people. Tragic as that was, Italy has endured far worse: the
7.2 1908 Messina earthquake killed 120,000. To be borne in mind - today even though
buildings are built better, there are a lot more Italians.  A major marine earthquake in the
Tyrrhenian Sea could easily kill ten times as many as Messina. On top of starting an
economic recovery, could Italy prevent epidemics of cholera and other diseases?