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First off, even a simple calculator, not to mention an Intel Atom
netbook provides far more processing power than Archimedes could
have dreamed of.  

SABLE prefers to store copies of plans, lessons and notes in more than
one place, so if an ill-disciplined Roman soldier or someone in need of a piece of vellum advertently damages the student’s netbook, with a
secure cloud, nothing is lost.

A timely e-mail, electronically translated from Archimedes' Doric Greek to Latin, might have saved the Syracusan's life
To: General Marcus Claudius Marcellus,
commanding the Roman Army outside

From: Archimedes, directing the defense of Syracuse inside

Re: Your e-request for a FtFm [face to face meeting]

I wish to avoid disturbing my circles, but I realize the city must
surrender ...