40. The SAITO application is currently 375 Windows forms, 150,000 lines of code and has over 100 tables in its database.
41. SAITO is designed to support multiple martial arts, multiple physical schools, different languages (English versus Spanish for example), IEPs and IBPs from different US states, a growing number of genetic configurations (over 600 genes already), and varying levels of involvement from parents, teachers, physicians, aides, social workers and students.
42. SAITO is rather wide-ranging: there is support for prayers, school accounting (akin to a factory ledger with external payroll processing) and special functions for investors. A slideshow in itself.
43. Some minor changes have been made to the prototype garments for visual/teaching purposes. The manufacturers in China have sent back a confirmation, although they regretted to report that no one seemed to have any idea what symbolic or practical purpose the chest-level ties serve.
44. Several lengthy e-conversations with what might be called garment engineering companies had a common thread: they all stressed as few sensors as possible – but enough to provide accurate data.
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