Courses of Study and Costs - Bachelors Degree
For neurotypical students as well as those with autism spectrum disabilities
In cooperation with the American Jujitsu Institute we offer a bachelor's and a master's degree in Chen Family style
Tai Chi Chuan. In particular we use interpretations by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (below right) as our canonical forms.
The degrees are achievement-based which means the student must receive passing grades from professional examiners
using international judging standards. The required sets for a bachelor's degree are 18 movements, Lao Jia 1 (Old Frame),
Xin Jia 1 (New Frame), Double batons (also known as maces and short staffs), single saber, single sword, spear and
staff.  The required sets for a master's degree are Lao Jia 2 (Cannon Fist), Xin Jia 2, double saber, double sword, Xiao Jia
(108 movement Small Frame), long pole (lau gar - 3 meters as opposed to the more typical 1.5 meter staff) - both one and
 two person and kwan dao. The sixteenth set is fork, two-handed long sword or a weapon with consent of the teacher. We
provide 2 t-shirts with the school patch. A uniform of semi-formal black cotton top and pants (see below left) is preferred
for the weekly filming. We strongly encourage participation in the formal exhibitions. These are intermittent but usually
quarterly. The students decide on what color and style of formal silks (see below center - lavender silks with kwan dao).
Comfortable athletic shoes and normal white cotton socks are fine. The brown plastic soled or white cotton soled black
kung fu slippers are also fine for indoors. We typically assemble group orders when the class begins a new weapon.
MediCare pays for tuition, clothing and weapons. The student is a member of both the American Jujitsu Institute and the
Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan Association. Certifications of proficiency in individual sets are provided by the Chen
Family style Tai Chi Chuan Association.There are visits from local martial martial arts masters and grandmasters as well
as from the Chen Family. These visits usually include teaching and testing.
Normally, a class is two hours and moves from sitting and standing through warm ups
to 18 movements and Lao Jia. Then there is a break followed by maces, saber and cool downs.
As the class progresses Xin Jia is added before break and sword, staff and spear are added
after the break. Advanced classes have Lao Jia 2 followed by the silk reeling and unarmed forms
before break with double sabers, double swords, kwan dao and long pole after break.
We also teach Tai Chi tools (ruler, bang, ball, bar, long bang and bent bang) as well as 9 Qigong routines.
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