Curriculum 2020
sets from Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan in the manner of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
1. 18 movements,
2. Lao Jia 1 (Old Frame)
3. Xin Jia 1 (New Frame)
4. Double batons 
5. single saber
6. single sword
7. eyebrow height staff (Five Tigers staff in the manner of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou)
8. spear (71 movements)
9. Lao Jia 2 (Cannon Fist)
10. Xin Jia 2
11. Xia Jia (108 movement Small Frame)
12. kwan dao.
13.  long pole (lau gar - 3 meters as opposed to the more typical 1.5 meter staff) - both one and two person forms
14. double sabers
15. double swords 
16. fork (cha)
traditional Chen Family warm-up exercises (ungraded) - some special wrists exercises have been added
Chen Family Silk Reeling exercises
1. Tai Chi ruler
2. Tai Chi bang
3. Tai Chi bar (foot roller) practiced with porcupine ball
4. chidu - long (32") Tai chi bang
5. bent bang 
6. Tai Chi ball
7. Bao ding balls
8. Wing chun ring
9. Grip rings
10. Select exercises from Chinese Wand in the manner of Bruce Johnson
Qigong (Chi gung) routines from the Chinese Health Qigong Association
1. Duan Jin (Eight Brocades)
2. Yi Jin Jing (Tendon Washing)
3. Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Exercises)
4. Liu Zi Jue (Six Sounds Breathing Exercises)
5. Da Wu (Joint flexion)
6. Twelve Step Daoyin (Health preservation)
7. Shi Er Duan Jin Yin (advanced sitting exercises)
8. Mawangdui Daoyin Shu (therapeutic stretching)
9. Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (a zhang is a wooden stick 48 inches long)
Wu Ji meditation in the manner of Cai Songfang - sitting and standing
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