Classes are in three modes: in-person, internet and remote. The difference between internet
mode and remote mode is in internet mode a student uses the internet to follow a live class
while in remote mode the student is following a recording of a class. We prefer that students
not participating in a live class film themselves daily, or at the very least once per week, and
transmit the file for grading. 
A typical live class session
Students usually arrive either independently, by public conveyance (often a bus), in a private
auto or by school van. We use biometrics (a fingertip swipe) to check students, aides and 
teachers in and out. If a student is missing we contact parents and the student's last known
location. It saves a lot of bother if someone tells us of a planned absence or tardiness.
Then students are paired up with aides.
There are four kinds of days for us:
1. Sometimes we will travel to film at a particular location or to give an exhibition. On those
days we hand out bags, swipe out students and load up our vehicles.
2. On exhibition days or when we are welcoming a special guest students will be dressing in
silks with formal shoes. Normally, the clothes, shoes and any needed accessories will be laid
out on work tables by the teachers before class.
3. On weekly filming days students will be dressing in semi-formal black cotton uniforms. 
4. Usually four days per week students may need to change clothes and shoes. We find that
for most students shoes (as opposed to just socks or bare feet) are a good idea as there are far
fewer stubbed toes, worn-out socks and irritated soles of feet. Tai Chi Chuan turns on the heel 
very frequently so socks without shoes are subject to a lot of wear.
Just before entering the training area students tap a portrait of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
If we are being visited by a distinguished guest his or her portrait will also be showcased.
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