A typical beginning level work table with (from the top left clockwise) optional suglasses, water bottle,
t-shirt, rubber ball, [the DVD and picture of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei would be for remote and
internet  students only] a Cool Wrap, a tai chi ruler, two padded batons, shoes, an optional mouthguard,
a cap and a bag. Optional wrist-based biosensors, ear buds and eyeglass strap not shown.
A gong sounds and class formally begins with an exchange of bows and salutes between the instructor and
the students. Students begin with a few minutes of seated meditation on chairs. Usually the instructor
corrects postures. Sitting is followed by a few minutes of WuJi standing meditation and then traditional
warm-up exercises. If the class is learning the 18 movements set the last lesson will be reviewed. We will
then do 18 movements twice. There is then a short break for water - bottles are always available on a table.
A lesson featuring the tai chi ruler tool follows and the class then does the ruler exercises. Next there is
is usually a lesson on the next movements for the Lao Jia (Old Frame) set followed by doing the set. Then
we take a break for a light snack - 13 Treasures. In the early stages of training this is followed by a set
using a single padded half-length staff. This gradually changes to an unpadded half-length staff and then
to two unpadded half-length staffs. The class will review the previous lesson on the double maces set and
then do that set. As proficiency increases the class will do saber, sword, staff and spear. Then a brief break
for water (*) followed by tai chi bang (another tool) and ball exercises and a qigong routine such as Eight
Brocades or Yi Jin Jing. Reminders of future events are followed by formal salutes and bows to close the
class. Water bottles get returned; clothes are changed; and another fingertip swipe confirms the exit.
Parents and interested parties will be emailed the day's scores. * = or one of several select teas
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