I-MAG STS Corporation
Predicting future earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and economic consequences
from seismic activity. Released July 15. Spanish language version to beta in autumn.
French language version of Klipspringer. In beta
Phillemic text to speech for people with expressive language disabilities  -
incorporates an embedded Individual Education Plan. English/Windows version
available May 1 on Intel AppUp; MeeGo version to beta October 5.
Baltic Republics
A Tale of Three Cities
KUDUS - Continuous counting of attonomic (*) data using biometric validation.
* = tallying if you worked full-time on Tuesday as opposed to your nation was
estimated to have 14.4% unemployed last year. In English and Arabic.
Scope change: was a mere GUI front-end for SQLite database. Now more of aperformance testing vehicle. Due to beta late October.
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