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Note that these  
screenshots are from
Antilo running under
Windows 7 on a netbook.
In real life the screen is
8.75 inches wide by 5.25
inches high - this would
be the familiar 10.5 inch
(diagonal) form factor.
Almost all of the images
can be modified by a
user, as can the text,
language and display
Antilo User Menu
We are convinced reading is the key to education and to knowledge. In all languages, reading is
taught so that graphemes (letters, numerals, punctuation) are assembled into lexemes (words)
and the reader says the word,  which is at that point a series of phonemes (sounds), and forms a
mental picture of the lexeme. That phonic method of learning or re-learning to read is usually not
successful when there is an expressive language disability. About one child in six in America has an
Individual Education Plan - all of which mention reading.
We note that while the screenshots that follow tend to emphasize school-aged children with a
condition like autism, Downs or cerebral palsy, ANTILO would be useful for adults with ALS, MS or
traumatic brain injuries as well as seniors with stroke damage, Parkinson's or dementias such as
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