Addax 02/2012 Inter-modal logistics Home
Antilo 06/2013 Assistive technology for people with expressive language disabilities  
Beira 04/2011 Network monitoring  
Beisa 12/2011 Educational achievement badges for teachers  
Bongo 07/2012 Medical data access for doctors  
Chert 01/2016 Prehistoric human migrations  
Chinkara 08/2012 US Stock companies economic projections  
Chiru 06/2012 Biometrically validated registration and voting  
Chousingha 09/2013 Quad core multi-threading optimization  
DEEDS ABIDE 03/2014 Hyper-menu for the application suite  
Duiker 10/2011 for disaster recovery first responders  
Eland 10/2011 Individualized education plans  
Gazelle 10/2011 School attendance and achievement reporting  
Gemsbok 11/2011 Help desk tickets and inventory  
Gerenuk 10/2010 Multi-player policy wonk game  
Hirola 02/2013 Maglev routings, supurb locations and econometric projections for multiple countries  
Impala 03/2014 Inventory and purchasing  
Kalveet 06/2013 Translate sign language hand gestures into letters; speak text in a designated language  
Klipspringer 08/2012 Simulations of damage to nuclear reactors  
Kudus 03/2012 Continuous counting, management and leadership reporting of TSSEB data  Spanish/Español
Lechwe 06/2011 Windows Management Interface (WMI) performance tracking  
Nilgai 02/2013 Economic impact of earthquakes and tsunamis at chokepoints  
Nyala 12/2013 Facility (any place a government or NGO provides services) management  
Oribi 06/2012 Mobile Unemployment and Underemployment tracking Spanish/Español
Oryx 05/2013 Sub-sub country data management and reporting  
Quoll 11/2012 Australasian impact crater and Windows 8 performance analysis  
Roan 05/2011 Tracks donations of guns and bullets and their recasting as bells  
Sable 12/2011 project tracking; topological knots and potential impact craters  
Saiga 03/2011 Cloud interfaces  
SAITO 10/2014 Teaching martial arts to people with autism  
Saola 09/2014 Volcano and earthquake history and simulations  
Sassa 08/2011 French version of Klipspringer  
SSAMBOR 10/2011 for mobile social workers  
Suni 07/2014 Social and economic projections for different infrastructure policies  
TSSEB 06/2014 Continuous counting and biometric human resources inventory  
VHFT 10/2014 Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Tracking (Ebola)  
Wildebeest 03/2011 Network configuration and security - for William Stephenson Knapp who knew gnus  
Zeren 12/2012 US 2008 and 2010 and 2012 Elections forecasting