Internet-based Lessons
Hung Gar - selected weapons - outline only
Monkey King staff
Lau Gar long staff (3 meters; waxwood)
Butterfly swords
Kunlun Mountain Straight Sword
Plum Flower Spear
General Chai Yang Long-handled Knife (Kwan Dao or Pu Dao)
Plum Flower Chain Whip
Hunting Tiger Trident
Round Shield and Butterfly sword - rattan shield
Fifth Son Eight Trigrams Long Staff Sparring - with Lau Gar
Plum Flower Double Chain Whip
Monk Crescent Moon Spade
Soldier's Saber
Double Gen (Chinese equivalent of Japanese sai)
Heavenly General Nine-Pointed Rake
Double Butterfly Swords Versus Staff
Empty Hands Versus Double Butterfly Swords
Coiled Dragon Butterfly Swords

No intention at this time to teach Thunder Hoe, Dragon Head Wooden Bench, Double-headed Dragon Chain Whip, or Double Tiger Head Steel Shields. In the latter two cases weapon availability is the problem.
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