Internet-based Lessons
Northern Shaolin - selected weapons - outline only
Nine Province Eyebrow Height Staff
Dragon Movement Straight Sword
Dragon Head Walking Cane
Spring Autum Long-handled Knife (Kwan Dao)
Double Daggers
Five Tigers Catch the Lamb Staff
Two Person Staff Sparring
Kwan Dao Versus Staff
Broadsword Versus Spear - not sure about the safety here
Twin Flying Dragons Straight Swords
Double Tiger Head Hook Swords
Hook Blade Spear
Double Broadswords
Empty Hands Versus Double Daggers
Six Harmonies Broadsword
Six Harmonies Spear
Horse Knife (Pu Dao)

No intention at this time to teach Spinning Chain Whip on the Ground, Three Section Staff, Three Section Staff Versus Spear or Two Section Staff (flail) - all for safety reasons.
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