SURVEYS 2018  (closed - were on
Weapons - Forks 
                  - Hunting Tiger Trident (sometimes known as a Tiger Fork)  
                 - Mandarin Duck knives 
                - Goose Wing saber usage 2018 
                - Ghost Head saber usage 2018 
                - Kwan Dao usage 2018
                - Pu Dao usage 2018
OLD Surveys from 2016: please email replies to
1. In the interests of science - a two minute survey on clothing for earning and grading
In order to instruct (as opposed to teach in person) students over the internet the plan is to offer two
choices: no grading OR grading. To do the latter we embed a few dozen location sensors in a garment
like the Pi Sha worn by a student so we can use software to compare a student's (digital) movements to
those of a canonical recording by a grandmaster. The student puts on the smart garment at home, films
himself or herself with a camera (phone is okay, we prefer the better visual clarity of a real camera) and
runs our (free) software to collect the sensor data. E-mail us the data file (and keep the video) and we'll
send back movement level scores and suggested corrections. There is the one long compilation or four
short videos doing more or less the same movements but dressed in different clothing. We would like
opinions on which clothing makes learning AND (separately) grading easiest. Click here
2. A student had a PAT (paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) incident in class. If you are a medical
professional  (EMT, doctor, nurse ...), a special education teacher or aide, a parent or someone who
has dealt with PAT or (more generally seizures) we'd appreciate any SERIOUS comments. Click here

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