A Survey for Internet-based Lessons
In the interests of science - a two minute survey on clothing for earning and grading
I want to teach the very traditional Chinese martial art of Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan to people
with autism spectrum disabilities and similar conditions like cerebral palsy. They will get better
physical health, an inclusive social group, and life goals in the form of performance-based college
BAs and MAs. Their parents and physicians will get a daily digital stream of scores to serve as a
statistical anchorpoint for making decisions about diet, sleep, medications and logistics. If the Tai Chi
Chuan scores go up, whatever changed was righteous. However, people in that population are a very
tough teach, and there are many of them who want to or need to be students. That means instructing over
the internet. The plan now is to embed a few dozen location sensors in a garment like the Pi Sha so we can
use software to compare a student's (digital) movements to those of a canonical recording by a grandmaster.
Here is the one long compilation or four short videos doing more or less the same movements but dressed
in different clothing. Note: the lavender silks were not my choice - blame the cinematographer.
There are two questions:
(1) if you wanted to LEARN a martial art which clothing makes that easiest?
(2) if you had to GRADE a student performance which clothing makes that easiest?
If you happen to be disabled or have any martial arts experience you want to share that would be cool.
You can email replies to info@silverwolfwushu.com or reply from a social website. I will e-publish summaries.
(A) though (D) below are 30 seconds each and are on Youtube. (E) is a 2 minute compilation of (A) through (D) 
(A) Black shorts, black t-shirt, yellow shoes  Click here
(B) Gray semi-formal cottons, black shoes   Click here
(C) Formal lavender silks, silver shoes   Click here
(D) White Pi Sha with red trim, blue silks, red shoes   Click here
(E) compilation   Click here
some handy text to copy and paste: black  gray  lavender  white

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