For Investors - a Video Introduction and Pitch
here's a link to the vide on YouTube -
In the video I am wearing an outer garment known as a pi sha.  It is the red and white
shawl-like piece of clothing. I am wearing it over formal blue silks such as the students
would wear at an exhibition or if we had a special guest. While the pi sha can be made in
virtually any colors, and certainly looks picturesque, we have come to prefer the sports
sleeves (silvery object on my right arm) as a substrate for body sensors. The pi sha is 
designed to showcase elegant, flowing motions, and it does this very well. But the sensors
embedded in the pi sha move as well. As can be seen in this video, the breeze moves parts
of the pi sha so there are frequently spurious locations reported by the x y z position
sensors. It is likely we will continue to wear the pi shas as everyone likes them, but we will
embed the location sensors in the sports sleeves.

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