Weapons - Forks  (cha)
Varieties: Fisherman's fork; two-pronged fork; Southern fork; three point fork; ox head trident; flying fork;
Southern bull head fork; traditional inward fork; traditional outward fork; river fork; traditional tang;
dragon whisker fork; wolf teeth fork; cattle fork. 
Note:  Hunting Tiger Trident and Nine Dragon Trident from Choy Lay Fut are on a separate set of webpages
Versions taught: none yet. If you know of a commercial recording please please contact us
Recommendations: learn spear and staff first. Cost: varies from $70 to $180.
There was a internet survey might still be available on allcounted.com or go to Presentations and Surveys
The two-pronged Fisherman's fork at WLE.com (topmost image below) as product W328; $80; 68 inches; 2.8 pounds
It is missing on the new WLE website 12/1/2018. I am ordering from totalmartialartsupplies.com
Update: Total Martial Art Supplies gets their fisherman forks from WLE. A second problem is that because the forks 
do not conform to UPS, USPS or Fedex length limits shipping can be expensive - sometimes more than the cost of the
weapon. However, WLE has just added Fedex Ground so shipping this 68" fork from Arizona (location of WLE) to
California will only cost $13. Beats going on a road trip to Phoenix. I have e-written to ask if there are any bags.
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