Weapons - Jo 
Other names:  half staff, whip, rod, wand, jiangan
Versions taught: Shaolin - single (Liu Zhi Hai);  Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan - double (Chen Zi Qiang)
We also teach the Chinese Health Qigong Association exercises known as Taiji Yangsheng Zhang where the zhang is 48 inch long stick about 1 inch in diameter. We are considering whether to teach Chinese Wand (Jiangan) exercises.
Recommendations: can be among the first weapons learned. Cost: varies quite a bit with the material: $23
for colorful graphite;  $7 - 12 for rattan and waxwood (often listed as escrima sticks); $8 for foam-covered.
The zhang (with bag) costs $89 for rosewood and $79 for wenge wood from Kung Fu Direct.
Some very short videos of me doing the same moves with padded, rattan and red-black rattan sticks
Padded sticks https://youtu.be/cIU-UkdBicM
Rattan sticks https://youtu.be/FM2Tki_7LRQ
Red-black sticks https://youtu.be/DNPg6ygsHC0

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