Weapons - Maces  雙錘
Other names:  half staff, whip, rod, single hard club
Versions taught: Shaolin - single (Liu Zhi Hai);  Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan - double (Chen Zi Qiang)
Recommendations: the shinai can be used in place of escrima sticks and can be among the first weapons learned. The actual maces were used in the name of the Emperor in punishment of capital offenses. Traditionally, the club was gold and very heavy. In the single hard club from Wing Lam Enterprises (WLE.com), the shaft is made of solid high-carbon steel. Cost:  bamboo shinai (42" to 46" long - see below left) $25 each; for 32" long four pound very heavy metal mace (see below right) about $80 each.

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