Training devices - Tai Chi ruler 太極統治者
in the screenshot image below, Dragonfly Qi Gong is a book. I don't know if Michael 
Steward Sr. is still alive. I wrote to several listed students some years ago but they were
no longer at the listed addresses so the trail went cold.   
The work of Zhang Guang De is a book and DVD. The bad news is, as far as I know,
none of his publications have ever been translated into English. The good news is that
Plum Publications has versions in both simplified and traditional Chinese.
Update 11/01/2019 - Jesse Tsao has released a new video about ruler - it is the third one
down on the DVDs and Videos page at
I think it is important to film videos that students can use to learn/follow along. But what is
really rare is someone doing a video of how to teach, in this case, ruler.
Update 11/01/2019 - Master Shao Zhao Ming (teaching near Melbourne Australia) has
 released a DVD titled Tai Chi Wand - his website is
  Dragonfly Qigong book
  The book by Master Jesse Tsao (Eight Immortals) and videos (four
  including Eight Immortals) are really for bang and that is what was
  used in filming.  I am not sure why I cross-listed Eight Immortals here in
  in addition to as a bang set. I like his work. Even when he does Yang
  and Wu and Sun style stuff. 

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