Training devices - Tai Chi ruler 太極統治者
Other names:  Tai Chi
Tai Chi bang: 16 inches long; 1.75 inches in diameter; the fancy center section is 2 inches wide;
if you need the exact specifications for the center section please contact me.
The ends are flattened hemispheres.
Currently, Wing Lam Enterprises sells ash Tai Chi rulers for $15 plus shipping and tax. 
I have alerted the webmaster that there is no connected webpage for product W0255.
Their Tai Chi ruler: 11 inches long; 2 inches in diameter (yes, wider than the bang);
the ends are flattened hemispheres with a 3/4 inch thickness. The ends taper inward over
a distance of one inch down to a diameter of one inch. The barrel is three inches long
with the groove having a diameter of 7/8 of an inch. The central bulb is a 1.25 inch diameter sphere.
They also have a red oak Tai Chi bang for $30 - on the retail site under Weapons (page 9).
The product ID is W9003. There is a combined offer for the two products on the 12th 
page of weapons.
In order to accommodate some of our super-sized students (6 foot 5 or taller; 275 pounds or heavier)
as well as some students with distal arthrogryposis (afflicted with connective tissue and muscle contracture
in one or both hands) we commissioned a three inch diameter bang and a three inch diameter ruler.
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