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Potential impact of California budget shortfalls on school districts March 14, 2024
Reducing special education costs for school districts - Calaveras Unified February 16, 2024
Warnings on kamas - in the weapons web pages February 16, 2024
Some novel nunchakus - in the weapons web pages January 8, 2024
Download of Arthrogryposis, Wrist Exercises and Rulers December 14, 2023
Preliminary materials for Amador and Calaveras Counties October 30, 2021
Letter to Congressman DeSaulnier (CA-11) about forensics July 28, 2021
Technology for air quality and health monitoring - see Clothing October 14, 2020
The Steps Ahead - Questions and answers about re-opening June 6, 2020
Wheelchairs and trademarks February 1, 2020
Software Development Projects - Hadamar, Heron and SAITO November 22, 2019
Seizures - Telemetry during a light rail trip to and from Oakland CA September 26, 2019
SAITO - DNA sequencing vendors, panels and genes (in Status) September 13, 2019
Genes by name, location, category and syndrome - their own pages June 29, 2019
Photos of forks - from the main Weapons page January 23, 2019
Videos collected on a separate page - see Videos and Photo Albums December 1, 2018
Photos of American and English style forks - in Photo Albums November 1, 2018
Notes of Workers' Compensation Insurance by US state - in Notes August 29, 2018
Downloadable PDFs of school locations - Western US - in Investors August 25, 2018
For the Small Business Administration - Contra Costa County (CA) July 30, 2018
Hundreds of pages on where to allocate schools - in Investors July 24, 2018
Links to a survey about Forks (cha) usage July 7, 2018
Links to a survey about Hunting Tiger Trident usage July 6, 2018
Links to a survey about Mandarin Duck knives usage July 6, 2018
New Zhan Ma Dao images in the Sabers weapons pages. Videos! June 30, 2018
Links to a survey about Goose Wing saber usage June 29, 2018
Links to a survey about Ghost Head saber usage June 28, 2018
Links to a survey about Kwan dao usage June 24, 2018
Some new Pu dao images and links to a survey about Pu dao usage June 23, 2018
Commentaries on the Nine Point Rake weapon - web pages June 16, 2018
Forks - web pages about this class of weapons June 10, 2018
New Zealand - Deeds Abide May 9, 2018
Point of Balance - Weapons and their Centroids May 3, 2018
Tai Chi Bar and Tai Chi Ball in Weapons March 22, 2018
Grip Rings March 21, 2018
In Weapons - new pages on Jo, Staffs, Tonfa, Canes and Long Ruler October 6, 2017
Sensors 2017 Convention and Expo - San Jose California June 28, 2017
Wind Sweeps Fallen Blossoms - the Embedded Systems Conference May 26, 2017
ARMs Against Autism - SAITO progress report May 16, 2017
Obtain the Optane - improving computer performance May 12, 2017
High Stakes Poker - Sitting and Standing April 17, 2017
Big Bets on Small Pairs - Poker and Autism Genetics March 11, 2017
Old archival photos from 2013 moved to Photo Albums January 9, 2017
Comments on Single Whip posture with various weapons December 13, 2016
Technical commentaries on hook hand from Single Whip - in Photo Albums December 9, 2016
Many short videos of the 7 Stars pose with varied clothes and weapons - in Photo Albums December 3, 2016
Lots of internet lessons being added; 2 surveys November 6, 2016
Cards on the Table  October 9, 2016
Photos of prototypes of smart garments September 16, 2016
A new section - Status and Future Directions - on the main page August 25, 2016
The 64 Preludes - short presentations on selected topics - are done June 10,2016
Some photos wearing colored wristbands in different outfits June 2, 2016
A link to the online store on the main page and on several other pages May 16, 2016
Some photos of various weapons with orange Shaolin monk robes May 11, 2016
Internet lessons and kits (collections of items) - see the home page May 4, 2016
Swords, sabers and long swords with multiple tassels in Photos April 16, 2016
Preliminary slide deck for parents at ABC School April 10, 2016
An additional flyer about DNA testing, blood chemistry and smart devices (smart glasses, FitBits and so on). Some flashy Taoist outfits March 10, 2016
Some new clothing styles for semi-formal blacks; new weapons
(Nine Point Rake, Shields, Gold Coin Spades) and some additions
to swords (Lin Jiao), sabers (nan dao, butterfly blades, Zhan Ma dao),
halberds (twins with short handles) and staffs (Monkey King)
February 25, 2016
Slides about our extension of technology to aides  January 10, 2016
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