What's Old - most recent first - 2015 and earlier
More smart glasses slides in Presentations and an unnamed weapon October 23, 2015
Slide deck in Presentations for Looking Forward - Smart Glasses September 23, 2015
Photo shoot - silks and weapons with a shield - in Photo Albums June 29, 2015
Photo shoot - tai chi tools, swords and kwan daos - in Photo Albums May 25, 2015
Slide decks in Presentations for Light of Tai Chi and RCEB May 18, 2015
Curriculum for students with cerebral palsy March 25, 2015
Scenes from a typical class March 24, 2015
Pages for investors February 27,2015
Some photos of Frank Zhao and Leon Du in Richmond February 8,2015
Some mathematical treatments of Ebola (or generally, any nasty virus) epidemiology. In the more extreme scenarios it appears martial arts would acquire a whole new relevance as civilizations decline.  On the Presentations page - Scaling up Ebola October 20, 2014
Slide decks from three presentations - On the Presentations page
Birds of the Sun; Rats of the Night; Scaling Down Martial Arts
October 15, 2014
Slide decks from four presentations - On the Presentations page
A Day in the Life; Angel from Montgomery; Degrees of Freedom;
Who Dares to Teach
October 1, 2014
Weapons racks and recording machinery August 19, 2014
Courses and college degree requirements for Tai Chi diploma added July 6, 2014
Photos from Coyote Point Park San Mateo CA filming added July 5, 2014
Las Vegas Chen Family style Tai Chi Chain training event photos added June 28, 2014 
Octagonal staff and Prochux (nunchakus) photos added to the weapons webpages on staff and nunchakus February 14, 2014
Attacking Autism presentation for UC San Francisco Medical school added - the use of regular, graded tai chi excercises February 7, 2014 
Elephant Kwan Dao and Three Point Two Edge (San Jian Liang Ren Dao) pages added in the Kwan Dao series on the Weapons page   January 15, 2014
Pages showing staffs made of different materials - rattan, waxwood, red oak, white oak, graphite and hickory (octagonal cross section!) - added in the Staff series on the Weapons page January 13, 2014
Descriptions added for seminars on one day short weapons, one day
long weapons and two days long and short weapons seminars
January 11, 2014
Photo album of cyan blue silks at Huddart Park near Woodside California added. Double-handed Kan Dao, Mandarin Coin Knives, Nine Ring broadsword, double sword and Tae Kuk Bear.  January 09, 2014 
Seminars on Chen Family style Tai Chi Chuan sword, saber, spear, staff and kwan dao added on the Seminars page January 07, 2014 
Pages from the Attacking Autism presentation posted on Presentation page. More content to follow! January 05, 2014 
Photo album of white silks and Modena purple silks at Bay Point California added. Axes, Sun Moon knives, Mandarin Coin Knives, Nine Ring broadsword, double sword, Ghost Head saber and Tae Kuk Bear.  January 03, 2014 
Mandarin Coin Knives and Sparring gear (with Halberd!) pages added to the Weapons page January 01,2014 
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