A Curriculum for those who use Wheelchairs and Walkers
An existing commercially available video.
For sale through Plum Publications (plumpub.com) for $37.95. FIVE DISKS. Go to the VCDs pages and select Yi Quan.

Then select Yi Quan #1 and scroll about halfway down. Or you can search for 1481.



Some Yi Quan VCDs were supplemented with English subtitles when they were upgraded to DVDs.
So far, no DVD for this recording. Disks 3 and 5 have a great deal of material starring Wang Yu Fang
(王玉芳; 1921 - 2012), daughter of founder Wang Xiang Zhai (王薌齋; November 26, 1885 - July 12, 1963).
At the time of the recordings (a celebration of her father's 120th birthday) Wang Yu Fang was in a wheelchair.
Yi Quan VCD
Wang Yu Fang pushing hands
Wang Yu Fang on the right in her 70s - presumably about to launch the other person out of the frame

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