A Curriculum for those who use Wheelchairs and Walkers
Some existing commercially available videos.
The authors are to be commended for the time and the thought and the other investments put into these efforts.
Choreographing sequences of movements for people with a spectrum of limitations for those movements
and still retaining most of the effects of the original engineering is difficult enough. The usual understated figure
for human beings world-wide who currently used wheelchairs or scooters is 80 million people. It is unclear how many
more would use a wheelchair if they had access to one. The market, if such there is, for mobilo-typical people is one
hundred times larger, so it is scarcely the case that producing a Chinese martial arts video for people in wheelchairs will
put the author and performer on the road to fortune and glory. It is difficult to say how much awareness there is
among people in wheelchairs regarding Tai Chi Chuan or any other of the Chinese martial arts. Even if there is
awareness how much time and money and effort a student might be motivated to spend is not obvious. For the curious,
Wang Yu Fang (below) was a daughter of Wang Xian Zhai, the founder of the martial art of Yi Quan.
If any reader has a recommendation - positive or negative - send it along, and kindly note if you were the student
(presumably with limited mobility) or a teacher using the material or an observer such as a parent.

Yi Quan - Restoring Health to the Handicapped
Yi Quan - 120th Anniversary Celebration with instruction by Wang Yu Fang
Jesse Tsao - On Chair Tai Chi for Health - Master Tsao is primarily a Chen stylist
Wu Guangyu - Wheelchair Form - by the current lineage holder in Wu style
Fu Sheng Yuan - Wheelchair Taijiquan - by a famous Yang stylist
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