A Curriculum for those who use Wheelchairs and Walkers
An existing commercially available video.
I purchased this in 2019 from Master Tsao's website - https://www.taichihealthways.com/ - in 2019 for $34.95. It is
also possible to pay $24.95 for a download as opposed to a physical DVD. The recording is the last one in the
Fundamentals and Beginners section in the DVD and Videos pages of the website. To get there you will pass the information about the new Tai Chi Ruler recording, the highly-regarded Eight Immortals Flute (a DVD and a book *
about Tai Chi bang); a DVD of Tai Bang for Self-massage; and Tai Chi Double Bang in Tai Chi Form 24. In the
Traditional / Classic section of the DVD and videos page there is also Tai Chi Double Bang / Baton in Chen style.
* = I believe the book is now only available through Amazon: $15 for paperback; $10 for Kindle
Jesse Tsao is a formal disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.
Jesse Tao Chair Tai Chi

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