A Curriculum for those who use Wheelchairs and Walkers
An existing commercially available video.
I purchased this in 2019 on Amazon from Great Wall Bookstore for $12.95.

Yang style Tai Chi Chuan originated when Yang Luchan (楊露禪; 1799-1872) was taught the Chen Family art by Chen

Changxing. Yang Luchan's third son, Yang Chien-hou (楊健侯; 1839-1917) passed the art to his sons
Yang Chengfu (楊澄甫;1883-1936) and Yang Shao-hou. One of Yang Cheng-fu's many accomplished students was
Fu Zhongwen ((傅仲文; 1903-1994) who passed the art to his son Fu Sheng Yuan (傅胜元 ;1931-2017) who moved to

Australia with his family in 1989 and who developed the 28 posture exercises video shown below. Fu Sheng Yuan's

mother was Zou Kuei Cheng, who was a great granddaughter of Yang Chien-hou.  Fu Qing Quan, sometimes
known as James, the son of Fu Sheng Yuan, currently heads the World Yongnian Tai Chi Federation.
Yang style wheelchair video

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