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As it happens, mathematically the same Navier-Stokes equations used to predict
the behavior of explosions are used to understand tsunamis. A great deal of this
work was done by Dr. Charles Mader. On an ultra-large scale the five most
interesting explosions are atomic bombs (or malfunctioning reactors),
overturning lakes (Kivu), asteroid or comet impacts, massive hydrocarbon
spills, and volcanic eruptions.  In this set of pages we are only interested in
earthquakes and volcanoes. The links below provide some subsets by what we
thought might be interest area. Volcanoes being somewhat above the law and
not respectful of national borders, we note that Nabro, like Puyahue in Chile
and various cousins in Iceland, may well spread challenges east past Saudi
Arabia perhaps as far as Uzbekistan and west past Sudan perhaps as far as Cape
Verde. How significant the ash clouds are at those distances depends on Nabro.
One good thing about Puyahue's location is a great amount of ash should fall
into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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