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09/22/2016 SAITO changes for rewards click here       
09/08/2016 SAITO changes for manual grading click here       
08/25/2016 SAITO changes for Internet of Things infrastructure click here       
  Sensoria in Seattle - smart garment engineering click here       
  Chinese Clothing Online in Hong Kong - makers click here       
  Emotient (facial expression recognition) from imotion click here       
09/24/2016 For photos of prototype smart garments  
08/25/2016 For some photos of various Wudang Mountain outfits
08/23/2016 For comments on smart glasses and GPS click here
08/22/2016 For comments on smart watches and biosensors click here
08/21/2016 For comments on smart garments and location sensors click here
08/20/2016 If you are interested in being a teacher or an aide click here
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