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9/07 Blue Guitar - from Picasso to Stevens to Tippett (hint: not a baseball infield)  Click here
9/05 Manning the Rails Click here
9/03 Canines and Cannae Click here
9/01 Modoc County (northern California) Blues Click here
9/16 Elections in Guinea Click here
9/23 The Valley of the Moon - ELAND antelopes in the clouds. A day in the life of an IEP. Click here
9/30 Higher Curves and Dire Straits. Our GAZELLE education application at work. Click here
10/7 Better to be president of Sudan or Governor of California Click here
10/13 On the rescue of  the 32 Chilean and 1 Bolivian miners Click here
10/29 The Allure of the Seas Click here
10/25 Indonesian Improbability: Mt. Merapi eruption and Mentawai islands tsunamis Click here
11/08 Knightsen Elementary School District Contra Costa County California Click here
11/09 Another home run by Edgar Renteria Click here
9/20 Epidemics in Haiti Click here
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